Core Values

At Meritt, we strongly believe that individual behaviors are as important as the functional expertise that each of us bring to the table. It is important to create an ‘enabling culture’ for us to function and operate with both integrity and success at the same time. Our set of core values is like that proverbial ‘lodestar’ which inspires us, guides us and leads us to build our professional credibility with the customers and create a preferred work place.

The basic foundation of our company is based on the following core values:

Always Open

We believe in being open and transparent, and being accessible to ideas, views, and feedback. Whether it is our employees, customers, participants or candidates, each of them is of importance to our existence. This helps us to always listen and learn from others’ knowledge and experience, and use the same to develop ourselves further and improve our offerings.

Always on Time

It is important to be alert and responsive, address things on time and adhere to given deadlines. We value the importance of time, especially in a dynamic, fast-paced, and competitive market. This helps us to deliver to our customers on time, every time. We always ensure that we meet our time and, hence our customer’s time too in terms of our deliverables.

Trust and Reliability

We realize that being honest and forthright is important for us to win the trust and reliability of all our stakeholders, especially our customers. The simplicity in our approach helps us to forge long-term relationships with those that we work with. Our understanding of customer requirements and ability to deliver performance ensures customer confidence.

Driving Customer Value

Our expertise, experience and passion collectively help us to provide our offerings to the customers, which they can appreciate in terms of value, not just as cost. We accept that delivering value to our customers and ensuring a high return on their investment is important for us, considering the trust and confidence they put on us to solve their problems.

Collaboration for Success

We believe in functioning as a team, whether working within our organization or partnering with our customers on any project or assignment. It is rightly said that one cannot play the symphony alone. Our individual pockets of excellence within the team combine together, as well as complement with others, to ensure the desired levels of output and results.

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