The Job Evaluation Tool from Meritt
“Job Evaluation is a systematic process for defining the relative worth or size of jobs within an Organization in order to establish internal relativities and provide the basis for designing an equitable grade and pay structure, grading jobs in the structure and managing relativities.”

(Clifford, L.H.Bennett)
What is JobScape

JobScape is a simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement factor point rating based system which you can use to evaluate all the positions in your Organization and put the right price (pay structure) for each one of them based on a scientific, validated and proven evaluation methodology.

Why JobScape

JobScape is an online tool that Meritt consultants successfully use to manage every aspects of Job Evaluation.

Now, you can use JobScape to manage the people, pay and position challenges of your Organization by ensuring that – your jobs are linked to your business structure, you have placed the jobs correctly in your system and you are paying the jobs their right salaries as aligned with similar jobs in the market.

JobScape recognizes the broad aspects of a job, and the major attributes that go into constituting the same. These are the same attributes which the job would require to be performed at the fundamental level, and is compared with other jobs to determine its relative worth or value.

The output of JobScape like job point, job weight, job code, job level, job band, job title, job family, job type, job report and job description can be used by you to develop a clear and logical organization structure and career framework to support your business and manage your people.

How Can JobScape Help You
JobScape for your Organization
  • A clear ranking of different positions that is internally consistent
  • A validation of your organizational structure and its effectiveness
  • A global comparison of relationships between various positions
  • A starting point to establish position and competency profiles
  • A database to support career planning and succession
  • An objective reference to solve all job title issues
  • A reliable base for a fair and equitable salary structure
  • A tool that facilitates your market benchmarking process
JobScape for your HR Department
  • Organizational design and analysis
  • Recruitment and selection activities
  • Competency and performance management
  • Compensation and reward administration
  • Promotion and succession planning
  • HR information system and analytic
  • HR budget and controlling
  • HR audit and measurement

The best and the most successful of the Organizations in the world use Job Evaluation as an integral part of their organization design, people management and pay administration systems.

Would you like to be left behind? If not, then find out more about how your Organization can benefit from our Job Evaluation services.


Want to get started?
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