Organization & Strategy

“What business strategy is all about, what distinguishes it from all other kinds of business planning is, in a word – competitive advantage. Without competitors there would be no need for strategy, for the sole purpose of strategic planning is to enable the company to gain, as efficiently as possible, a sustainable edge over its competitors.”

Kenichi Ohmae, Former Professor and Dean of UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs
Organization Strategy

We help organizations to evolve successfully over time to meet their business objectives, along with a detailed assessment of what needs to be done in the context. While developing an organizational strategy for a business, we work by doing a gap analysis comparing its current state to its targeted state, and then steering out a phased plan of action to effect those desired changes over specific timelines.

Organization Design

We work with organizations to translate their business model into people framework. An organization structure is a reflection of the vision, mission, strategies and objectives of that particular business. It also represents the hierarchical arrangement of the lines of authority, communication channels, roles and responsibilities of various departments, functions, groups and people. The way a certain business operates must be correctly translated through its organization chart.

Organization Diagnostic Study

Our interventions in this area involve diagnosis of the organizational culture, its strategic, structural and operational strengths and weaknesses, through a process of data collection, in depth analysis and feeding the results back to the system for promoting better corporate performance. Such diagnosis are less of the purely behavioral, and more towards a strategic development and holistic corporate performance approach, as more organizations are realizing the linkage of their people to their business performance.

Job Analysis and Job Design

We help organizations by doing detailed study on the nature, duties, responsibilities, complexities, requirements and outputs of their existing jobs (work positions), and also provide systematic inputs and insights for the creation and design of new jobs (work designs). This is done as a part of their organization design and management activities, which they can use further in such areas like job evaluation, recruitment and selection, manpower allocations, performance appraisals, training and development initiatives, career and succession planning, and others.

Balanced Scorecard

We use the essence of the balanced scorecard (BSC) in its different forms as both strategic and operational inputs to design and develop performance management frameworks (strategy maps) for organizations to track the activities of its people, review the efficacy of its processes, monitor the response of its customers and measure the effectiveness of its business outcomes.

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